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Christian Reder
Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien
Springer Wien New York

Biography: Christian Reder | German | Arabic | Farsi

Born 1944 in Budapest – is consultant and writer.

He is editor of the book series 'Edition Transfer' at Springer Wien New York and chairman of RD Foundation Vienna. Research. Development. Human Rights founded in 2011.  From 1985 to 2012 he was professor at the University of Applied Arts Vienna (Head of the Center of Art and Knowledge Transfer).

Newest publications: Grenzland Ukraine (2022), Mediterrane Urbanität. Perioden vitaler Vielfalt als Grundlagen Europas (2020), Noch Jahre der Unruhe … Ali M. Zahma und Afghanistan (2018, published also in Farsi, Teheran 2023), Deformierte Bürgerlichkeit  (2016).

Shalini Randeria
With Shalini Randeria, IWM
Vienna 2018

Friedrich Achleitner
With Friedrich Achleitner
Vienna 2009

With Ingrid Reder
Venice 2006

With Claus Philipp und Eric Pleskow
Vienna 2007

With Alexander Kluge
Salzburg 2006

With Erich Lessing
Vienna 2007
Bruno Gironcoli
With Bruno Gironcoli
Vienna 1995

With Walter Pichler
Vienna 2006

With Brigitte Kowanz
Vienna 2000
Sadik J Al-Azm & Christian Reder
Mit Sadik J. Al-Azm
Damascus, 2002
Amin Maalouf & Christian Reder
Mit Amin Maalouf
Ile d'Yeu, 2001
Humberto Maturana & Christian Reder
Mit Humberto Maturana
Santiago de Chile, 1999

• Writer and editor: essays and 'essayistic' studies on art and artists, history, reformism, cultural relations, codes. Published dialogs and interviews with for example Anatolij Achutin (Moscow), Wolfgang Petritsch (Vienna-Paris), Jacques Le Rider (Paris) or Peter Sellars (Los Angeles), Erich Lessing, Alexander Kluge, Zaha Hadid, Wolf D. Prix / Coop Himmelb(l)au, Brigitte Kowanz, Elfie Semotan, Peter Kubelka, Walter Pichler, Bruno Gironcoli, Kurt Kocherscheidt, Günther Domenig, Peter Weibel, Peter Gorsen, Arnulf Rainer, Harald Szeemann, Helmut Lang - and with representatives of various cultures such as Ali Mohammed Zahma, Khazan Ghul, Anwar Amin (Afghanistan), Amin Maalouf (Lebanon) or Sadik J. Al-Azm (Syria) or Mustafa Djamiljow (Crimean Tatars).

• Since 1985, professor at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Since 2005, Head of the Center of Art and Knowledge Transfer. Member of the university senate. Retirement in 2012. Priorities: Open, 'essayistic' research projects aimed at making differentiations freed from the bounds of the usual disciplines. Student-support for commercial and non-commercial projects. Learning-by-doing. Ties between art and science, between disciplines, cultures, between text, sound and visual media. Audio-visual anthropology. Realization of 'transfer projects' as a means of experiencing cultural similarities and differences and global complexity (for example recently in Damascus, in Libya, in the Ukraine or on ‚Cartographic Thinking‘).

• Since 1980. Freelance project worker, concentrated on development programs, the media, civil society, social and political projects.
Main fields: Support projects for Nicaragua 1979/80, followed by permanent work on the 'Austrian Relief Committee for Afghan Refugees' 1980-1994, building up of the organization, establishing the international financing, the programs; month-long periods of residence in Pakistan/Afghanistan. Official corruption analysis for the trial taking place in the aftermath of the construction of the new general hospital in Vienna. Intensive participation in the establishment of the independent publishing house 'Falter' in Vienna (1982-1994). Work on widely-varying approaches for new conceptions; on reform for art schools, for MAK (Austrian Museum of Applied Arts); for the Austrian National Museums. Concepts for an international cultural center in Geneva; for a better design education; for a reform of cultural management courses; for the Patan Museum in Nepal; reform programs for Austrian cultural policy. Ongoing adviser in the fields of the media and publishing; in recent years particularly for Springer Verlag (Vienna-New York) on the extension of its art, architecture and cultural sciences program.
Newest publications: Mediterrane Urbanität. Perioden vitaler Vielfalt als Grundlagen Europas (2020), Noch Jahre der Unruhe … Ali M. Zahma und Afghanistan (2018), Deformierte Bürgerlichkeit  (2016).

• 1970-1980: After graduating at the University of Vienna (social sciences & economics), ten years work as management consultant with Knight Wegenstein AG (Zurich - Dusseldorf - London), responsible for 'special projects' in the field of politics and public services and for public relations. Development of systems and organization structures for companies in the fields of banking, construction, machinery, food, media. Later on concentration on public services and political change programs like the Hamburg hospital reform, the Austrian hospital reform, the building department and the police department of the city of Hamburg, the German and the Iranian State Railway. Parallel to this regular involvement in social and art projects. With the founding of the informal platform '' in 2001 by Ingrid and Christian Reder, an independent support organization for cultural research&development projects was available in addition to university structures - to make socio-political and culturally relevant initiatives and publications possible. Since 2011 such intentions got a more solid structure: The RD Foundation Vienna. Research. Development. Human Rights was founded by his family and supports various projects.

Personal data: Married since 1966 to Ingrid Reder (fashion designer, 1983-1998 lecturer for fashion and design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna); two daughters. 2013-2018 she was elected member of the University Board.

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