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Christian Reder im Atelier von Károly Klimo, Budapest
Kunst - gesehen als Prozeß komplizierter Projekte

Statement eines Experten für komplizierte Projekte

In: Hans Knoll, Lioba Reddeker (Hg.): White Flags. Ein Projektbericht aus Budapest
(deutsch mit englischen Zusammenfassungen)
Wien 1998

Textfassung eines Vortrages im Rahmen eines Symposiums mit Atelierbesuchen in Budapest



English Summary

Expert for complex projects. I term myself an "expert for complex projects" since my primary interest lies in creating improved structures and conditions for the production of art and the production of creative endeavour within the "operating systern of art", which, just like any other field, controls the distribution of value judgements, information and the flow of money. A lot would speak for progressing away from the usual entanglements toward more transparency and more efficient and effective institutions and businesses, a move toward becoming less formal, unreliable, lobby-minded and blurred. There is of course some wishful thinking conceaied behind such thoughts. Co-operative, inquiring and open-minded artists with high aspirations to producing quality work and with an interest in working together have a high degree of exposure to all of this, as "experts for compfex projects". Not to rate artistic work any lower than other work in its function as an influential cultural element, would be an appropriate step forward (also as concerns the way the artist sees him or herself). However to view one's own artistic work as a complex project would be going too far. Compfexity means liberation from models. Complexity is capabie of producing a special sort of simplicity. lt is complexity, which is the motivating factor for research. Unexpected connections and reiationships arise out of complexity.


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